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Birdie's Perch voted the No. 1 Leamington restaurant on TripAdvisor!

Birdie's Perch__ Way to go!!!!! TripAdvisor review by SGZ0359, Kingsville, ON, July 2015

Birdie's Perch__ Fun place to eat, TripAdvisor review by KERI L, Windsor, July 2015

Birdie's Perch__ Best Seafood in Leamington, TripAdvisor review by David R, Vancouver, June 2015

Birdie's Perch__ Excellent perch, TripAdvisor review by Joan B, St. John's, June 2015

Birdie's Perch__ Best Poutine in Ontario, TripAdvisor review by Nichole T, May 2015

Birdie's Perch__ DELICIOUS FOOD, TripAdvisor review by YiaYou, May 2015

Birdie's Perch__ So good, I ate here 3 times in two days”, TripAdvisor review by Bryan Lamb, Oak Ridge, TN, May 2015

Birdie's Perch__ Must Stop on the way to Point Pelee, TripAdvisor review by LaurieTO, Toronto, September 2014

Birdie's Perch__ Lunch Munch, TripAdvisor review by Roxanne S, Ann Arbor, MI, September 2014

Birdie's Perch__ Great fish, TripAdvisor review by Gordnett, Leamington, August 2014

Birdie's Perch__ So good, lots of fun for kids, TripAdvisor review by Linda R, Milan, MI, August 2014

Birdie's Perch__ Birdies Perch Really Soars, TripAdvisor review by Reka17, July 2014

Birdie's Perch voted the No. 1 Leamington restaurant on Yelp!

Birdie's Perch__Yelp Review by Sarah M, Boulder, CO, US, June 2015

Birdie's Perch__Yelp Review by Stephanie W., Canton, US, October 2014

Birdie's Perch__Yelp Review byAndrea C., Windsor, ON, August 2014

Birdie's Perch__Yelp Review by John C., Windsor, ON, May 2014

Birdie's Perch__Yelp Review by Poco W., Toronto, ON, April 2014

Birdie's Perch__Yelp Review by Matt S., Fort Wayne, US, June 2013

Birdie's Perch__Yelp Review by Tammy H., East York, ON, June 2013

Birdie's Perch reviews on Foursquare from Jeremy Newell-Highnight, Amit Jethani, Kelly Gaudreau, Julie Wagner

Birdie's Perch reviews on Google Plus from Joshua Simons, Mike P and Bryan Lamb, 2015