Obviously, we at Birdie’s Perch appreciate double-decker buses. For those of you who share our interest, following are a few links to related sites that we find interesting.


Canada—British Buses Abroad
This Flickr site by Paul Bateson includes some BEFORE photos of the Birdie’s Perch Bristol Lodekka! Yes, there was some sweating and swearing involved in the renovation of the bus…

Paul Bateson's Flickr site includes BEFORE photos of the Birdie's Perch Bristol Lodekka

Wikipedia: Bristol Lodekka

Daimler Ag—“1898: The world’s first motorized bus series [including double deckers] launched by Daimler—a milestone for passenger transport”

Lytton’s Transit Site

Motor Bus Society
900+ members in the U.S., Canada and abroad

Transit Toronto
Enthusiasts site by Robert Mackenzie, not the official Toronto transit site




Sydney Bus & Truck Museum
Sydney, Australia

The Hague, Netherlands, Bus Museum
Officail name: Haags Openbaar Vervoer Museum
Site in Dutch only



Bristol Commercial Vehicle Enthusiasts
Website for anyone interested in the products of Bristol Commercial Vehicles

Bristol Omnibus Vehicle Collection

Bristol Vintage Bus Group

British Bus Club

British Classic Buses

Bus Lists on the Web

Bus Web U.K.

Classic Bristol Buses

Classic London Bus Society

London (U.K.) Transport Museum