The view from Birdie's Perch at sunset

Pelee is a magical place. Pelee—including Point Pelee National Park, Pelee Island, Leamington, Kingsville and Wheatley—is the southernmost part of Canada, along the same latitude as Rome and northern California.

In 1670, French explorer René Bréhant de Galinee called the Lake Erie shore of southwestern Ontario “the earthly paradise of Canada,” explaining, “I call it so because there is assuredly no more beautiful region in all of Canada.” And in 1905, a report in the Toronto Globe and Mail described Essex County—where Pelee is located—as “Eden without the serpent.”

For those that appreciate wildlife and the great outdoors, Pelee offers spectacular natural attractions that will make any visitor feel right at home. With lush Carolinian forests, marshes, fields and beaches, the variety of landscapes in Pelee offers a complexity of life that is unequalled, even in Canada’s larger national or provincial parks. World famous for its songbird and monarch butterfly migrations, Pelee is a migration hotspot, a showcase for over 380 species of birds and over 60 species of butterflies, with as many as 10,000 monarch butterflies landing on Point Pelee in a single day during the autumn. Pelee’s wealth of attractions also includes the Pelee Island Winery and Colassanti’s Tropical Gardens. Not to mention a population of almost 32,000 people that embraces tourists from all over the world, plus wonderful hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, camping grounds and rental cottages to accommodate them. We love meeting new people!

Did you know?

  • The Windsor–Essex region, which includes Pelee, is located within an eight-hour drive from almost half the population base in North America.
  • The area is also known as Canada South, Canada’s Most Southern Point, The Sun Belt, The Sun Parlour of Canada, the Lake Erie North Shore, and the Windsor–Essex 100 Mile Peninsula. (Yes, it has been acknowledged by various tourism organizations that the region needs to be more consistent in its branding.)


See the Tourism Windsor, Essex, Pelee Island (TWEPI) Official Visitor Guide & Map!

See the Tourism Windsor, Essex, Pelee Island (TWEPI) Official Visitor Guide & Map!